Bachelor of Commerce: New Applicants

New applicants include high school students as well as mature students who are returning to university.

Step 1: Apply to Memorial University

New students must submit an application to Memorial University by following the application instructions at

To apply directly to the Faculty of Business Administration, indicate your preference for admission to Term A/B of business administration.

Students applying to the program through this route are not guaranteed acceptance into Term 1 (fall). Admission requirements still need to be met.

Step 2: Apply to the Faculty of Business Administration

Students who have been accepted into Term A/B will automatically be considered for admission into Term 1 upon the completion of admission requirements.

Students considering either the bachelor of business administration or the bachelor of commerce (co-operative) programs are advised to take the following courses during their first year at Memorial University to be considered for promotion into Term 1:

Pre-Business Courses (Term A/B)
Term A (Fall) Term B (Winter)
 Business 1000  Math 1000* or Elective
 Math 1090* or Math 1000  Economics 2020
 Economics 2010  English 1110
 English 1080  Non-Business Elective
 Non-Business Elective  Non-Business Elective
* Depending on Math Placement Test, students may complete Math 1000 in the fall and complete an additional elective in the winter semester. Newfoundland and Labrador students may not need to write this placement test. For more information, consult the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.