Alumni Mentoring Program (AMP) Toronto


Developed by the Faculty of Business Administration and a group of engaged business alumni in the Toronto region, the Alumni Mentoring Program (AMP) is a pilot program that aims to assess the interest and intake of alumni-to-alumni mentoring.

Our goal is to develop a mentoring network that connects new graduates in the Toronto area – or high-performing final year students who will be moving to the Toronto area – with more experienced business alumni who are established in the region.

What is Meant by Mentoring?

Mentoring is a professional, voluntary relationship between two individuals: the mentor and the mentee. Mentoring occurs when two individuals decide to work together to achieve specific outcomes for developing the appropriate skills and knowledge that will enhance the mentee’s professional and personal growth.

This program pairs motivated final-year students and recent graduates with an alumni mentor. Mentors are senior-level executives who are already established in the Greater Toronto Area and will share their knowledge and experience with the mentees. Mentors offer encouragement and insight to help mentees get a great start to their careers.

How the Program Works

  1. Alumni interested in serving as either a mentee or a mentor must complete an application form and agree to the Code of Conduct before acceptance into the program is confirmed.

  2. Once the completed application is received, applicants will receive notice of receipt and encouragement to sign-in or sign-up to MUN Business Connect (MBC) and follow the AMP Page. This online platform is an exclusive network for alumni of Memorial’s Faculty of Business Administration that provides opportunities to share jobs and events, discover former classmates, share news and achievements and become a mentor to fellow alumni.

    AMP Toronto will use this platform to facilitate connections and communication. MUN Business Connect will also be utilized to screen mentees for matching purposes. Please ensure that your profile on MBC is up-to-date and includes all relevant information.

  3. Applicants MUST attend a Mentoring Orientation Reception before they are accepted into the program. This reception will provide valuable information on the program structure and goals while also allowing mentors to meet the candidates. Invitations and event details will be provided through MUN Business Connect.

  4. The matching process will be managed by the Faculty of Business Administration and the Alumni Mentoring Committee. Applicants will receive confirmation of acceptance from the faculty. Following this, mentees will be asked to “request mentorship” from their matched mentor on MUN Business Connect. This will signal the start of the mentoring relationship.

  5. If an applicant is not successful during their first selection process, their information will be kept for consideration for a period of two years. It is not necessary to reapply to the program or redo the orientation, unless the applicant chooses to do so.

  6. Mentors and mentees are strongly encouraged to complete a Mentoring Agreement during their first meeting.

Criteria and Guidelines

  • Mentee applicants must be graduates of the Faculty of Business Administration or a current student enrolled in the final year of their program.
  • Mentors must be graduates of the Faculty of Business Administration.
  • Mentors must have at least seven years of work experience. In addition, there must be a five-year minimum experience gap between the mentor and mentee. This five-year gap will be determined by graduation date from Memorial University, which will be confirmed by the faculty representative.
  • Mentors who are new to the program, or have been engaged with the business faculty for less than six months, will be assigned only one mentee during their first period. Experienced mentors are permitted up to three mentees during any six-month program.
  • Once a match has been identified and a potential mentor has been contacted, both the mentor and mentee will have one week from the receipt of the faculty representative’s communications to connect on MUN Business Connect or a second choice will be made.
  • Mentees may only have one mentor at a time.