Dr. Behzad Hezarkhani


Dr. Behzad Hezarkhani was the PhD

program's first graduate in 2011.

PhD, Operations Management and Information Systems (2011)
Post-doctoral Fellow, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands

“It feels good to be the first in something,” says Dr. Behzad Hezarkhani about being the first student to graduate from the Faculty of Business Administration’s PhD program in 2011.

Dr. Hezarkhani decided to complete a PhD in operations management and information systems as a result of being involved in a complex research and development project at National Iranian Oil Company.

“[The project] mainly addressed the inefficiency of the supply chain management activities for repair, maintenance and overhaul of equipment and machinery. Somewhere in the middle of the project I realized that the problem that I was dealing with is significantly important in many other companies and that there were not enough insights about solving such a problem. This motivated me to pursue a PhD.”

Undertaking a PhD at the Faculty of Business Administration was an attractive option for Dr. Hezarkhani. “It was a nice coincidence,” says Dr. Hezarkhani, that the Faculty of Business Administration had just commenced its PhD program the exact same year that he was searching for a school at which to complete his PhD. As it happened, his supervisor at the Iranian Oil Company had personal contact with Dr. Wieslaw Kubiak, who became Dr. Herzakhani’s PhD supervisor.

The program was not without challenges, almost all having to do with the fact that the program was new. Nevertheless, the program’s staff was extremely helpful in ensuring that such issues did not impact his research, he says.

Dr. Hezarkhani says the thing that interests him about operations management is “its reliance on critical thinking and innovative problem solving in dealing with real-world problems. It forces one to constantly strive for improving his or her personal abilities to observe, analyze and synthesize.”

Dr. Hezarkhani is committed to his research in the field, but he keeps the balance between career focus and other interests by filling his extra time learning to play jazz on the keyboard and electric guitar. He has been passionate about music since he was young and began playing classical piano when he was nine. He also played violin in orchestras in Iran.

Currently Dr. Hezarkhani s is completing a post-doctoral fellowship at the Eindhoven University of Technology located in Eindhoven, Netherlands, and hopes to find a position that allows him to continue working on practical problems in innovative manners.

“I am very much interested to work on real-life problems related to these issues. Fortunately, my current position in Technical University of Eindhoven is exactly in line with such a goal. I am partly studying ways to co-ordinate the joint plannings in a consortium of logistics providers in western Europe. I hope that I could be able to continue this line of work in future.”

Hannah Rivkin