Faculty of Business Administration starts social conversations

Aug. 22, 2013

Join the conversation!

The Faculty of Business Administration at Memorial University launched its renewed social media channels today, which along with the simultaneous launch of its new website – www.business.mun.ca, marks the beginning a more social and interactive business faculty.

With over 9,500 alumni, nearly 2,000 current full-time and part-time students, and countless prospective students around the globe, social media provides us with the opportunity to better connect with all of you!

Each channel serves a different purpose so you can connect with us in the ways that you choose.


  • Connect with former classmates and current students
  • Discuss events, trends and initiatives on our timeline
  • Crowd-source our page members to answer a question or identify a market
  • View and share photos from recent events
  • Receive regular notifications about events, deadlines and announcements


  • Receive real-time updates during events and as it’s happening news and announcements
  • Share business trends and study tips quickly and easily
  • Receive links to relevant articles and information
  • Grow your social network by following some of our followers
  • Share fresh content and interesting news with your followers and with us


  • Expand your online network of peers and business professionals by connecting through our LinkedIn Memorial University Faculty of Business Administration Friends, Students, Faculty and Alumni group
  • Stay informed about important business announcements and opportunities for alumni and current students
  • Get in touch with former classmates or professors through our “Class of” groups
  • Share experiences and ask questions with people whom you know and trust
  • Establish business contacts and explore professional connections
  • Engage your network and ask for introductions to potential business partners and future contacts


  • Missed an event? Watch some events streaming live through Google+ and YouTube or view archived events and activities
  • Submit your own videos of our events, your experiences at Memorial or your time studying abroad


  • Stay up-to-date with activities around the Faculty of Business Administration
  • Join our events on Google+ and share photos of these events
  • Watch live events and special activities through Google+ Hangouts
  • Connect and share with Faculty of Business Administration communities