Memorial business faculty launches responsive website

Aug. 22, 2013

The Faculty of Business Administration is pleased to offer users a dynamic web presence with the launch of its new responsive website.

The new website – – incorporated responsive design into the development process, resulting in a website that adapts its online content to the size of the device being used in order to optimize user experience.

Responsive design offers a streamlined user experience, whether you are on a smart phone, tablet or desktop computer. No longer will you have to zoom into the web page to read a paragraph or scroll for pages to find what you’re looking for; rather, you’ll be viewing our website as we intend it to be seen!

To see what we mean, simply change the size of this screen in your web browser. As you drag the browser into a smaller size, you will see the content rearrange itself. This is how it will look on smaller devices.

The Faculty of Business Administration spearheaded the responsive approach at Memorial University and is the first academic unit to use this technology to provide an optimal user experience on any device. In the future, this technology will be the website standard as other units are rolled out across the university.

The new business website also allows users to find content that’s directly targeted to them quickly and easily. You’ll experience a cleaner look and feel that is visually appealing, is consistent with Memorial’s brand and still emphasizes the core vision and values of the Faculty of Business Administration.

We hope you like it, and if you notice any issues with the site, whichever device you’re viewing it on, please let us know. Contact Susan White-MacPherson, communications co-ordinator, at