Undergraduate student gains national stage for paper on Enactus project


Left to right: Dr. Travor Brown, Mr. Shaun Morrissey
and Prof. Lynn Morrissey.

July 9, 2013

Commerce student Shaun Morrissey was given a rare opportunity to present a paper at a national conference recently.

Mr. Morrissey, 19, along with his mother, Prof. Lynn Morrissey, and uncle, Dr. Travor Brown, presented the paper at the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada (ASAC) conference. The paper, Military Personnel in Transition: Developing an Entrepreneurial Business Program for Personnel Post-Service, was co-authored by the three in conjunction with master of employment relations student Bronwyn Cass, who was unable to attend the presentation.

The Enactus Memorial program, Based in Business, was the focus of the paper which was presented to attendees of the conference held in Calgary, AB from June 8-11. The program is focused on creating entrepreneurial opportunities for medically discharged or soon-to-be retired members of the Canadian Forces.

Presenting at the ASAC conference at the undergraduate level is an exceptional opportunity.

“The ASAC conference is generally an opportunity for faculty at Canadian schools of business and international scholars to present their research papers,” said Dr. Ryan Parks, vice-president of marketing at ASAC. “We do have students participate in the conference and they do make up about 30 per cent of our membership. However, these students are normally pursuing a PhD while some may be presenting work done in the master's degree. While we don't track student participation by level of program, it is quite rare that an undergraduate's work is presented.”

Although he has just recently finished his first year in the commerce program, Mr. Morrissey has been involved with Enactus Memorial and Based in Business for three years and is now a co-project manager of the program.

“Enactus was always a part of my family due to Lynn, my mom, and her devotion and love of the organization. It was only natural to be a part. As for [Based in Business], this is a program that has huge emotional and educational benefits so it was a program that really grabbed my attention,” he says.

“Giving this presentation with my mom and uncle was an amazing opportunity that helped to boost my confidence in presenting.”

“The support that Shaun received after the presentation was not only from the people in the room … he became a buzz throughout the conference,” said Prof. Morrissey. She also noted that the family connection made the experience all the more meaningful.

To date, the Based in Business program has helped 46 former service men and women with an additional 20 participants enrolled for this year’s program that will be held on the Memorial campus from July 21-27.

Melissa Berkshire