Memorial signs MOU with top university in Poland


Dr. Wilfred Zerbe, right, signs a memorandum
of understanding with John Paul II Catholic
University of Lublin (KUL) on behalf of
Memorial University. Rev. Prof. Dr. Hab.
Antoni Debinski of KUL is pictured on the left.

Jan. 14, 2014

Memorial University has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with a top university in Poland that would see the development of a double degree at the Faculty of Business Administration.

Dr. Wilfred Zerbe, dean of Memorial’s business faculty, signed the agreement with Rev. Prof. Dr. Hab. Antoni Debinski, rector of the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (KUL), on Dec. 9, 2013 in Lublin, Poland. Dr. Zerbe was joined in Poland by Dr. Stuart Durrant, Dept. of German and Russian, Faculty of Arts.

“This MOU will allow for the exchange of faculty members, students and ideas between Memorial and our new partner in Poland,” says Dr. Zerbe. “The Catholic University of Lublin is Memorial’s first partner in Poland and I was proud to represent our university on this important occasion.”

The agreement particularly emphasizes opportunities between the Faculty of Business Administration at Memorial and the Institute of Economics and Management at KUL including the creation of a double degree program that would allow students to begin their studies at KUL and complete them at Memorial, earning a degree from each university.

“The Faculty of Business Administration has agreements of this type with several universities in Asia and Europe and it’s proven to be a very effective draw for top quality students, so we look forward to undertaking a similar arrangement with students from KUL,” says Dr. Zerbe. “I look forward to pursuing the growth opportunities that should arise out of this agreement. Business students at KUL are bright and enthusiastic and we look forward to welcoming them to Memorial University.”

Dr. Durrant says the agreement will open many opportunities for faculty and staff in other disciplines as well: “Both Lublin and KUL are recognized as rich centres for the humanities, so this agreement will facilitate opportunities for students and faculty members from many departments, especially in the Faculty of Arts, to avail themselves of KUL’s unique expertise and programs, many of which are in English.”

KUL was founded in 1918 as the Catholic University of Lublin, making it the oldest university in Lublin and one of the oldest in Poland. During the Communist era following the Second World War, KUL was the only independent university in the Soviet-controlled Eastern Bloc.

Pope John Paul II, then named Rev. Karol Wojtyla, served as a faculty member at KUL and as the Chair of Ethics in the Dept. of Christian Philosophy in the 1950s. The school was re-named in his honour in 2005.

The city of Lublin is a renowned cultural hub – it was recently named a candidate for the title of 2016 European Capital of Culture – and the university has been recognized for its programming and research in the humanities, providing ample opportunity for exchange between many faculties and departments at Memorial and KUL.

Susan White-MacPherson