Scholarships make unique experiences possible, says student

Business faculty hands out $200,000 in financial support to students

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June 10, 2015


Eleanor Swanson, left, and Melissa Berkshire
spoke on behalf of donors and students respectively
at the Awards & Scholarships ceremony on June 5.

A recent graduate of Memorial’s commerce program says the support of scholarships, awards and bursaries throughout her undergraduate degree helped her to have unique experiences that enriched her studies.

Melissa Berkshire, B.Comm. (Co-op) (Hons.) ’15, spoke at the Faculty of Business Administration’s Awards & Scholarships reception on June 5 to express thanks on behalf of students who have received scholarships, awards or bursaries this year.

“I have learned so much during my five years here at Memorial. Some of that learning came from attending classes and reading textbooks but a lot also came from the opportunities to meet new people, see new places and get involved in new clubs and activities,” she said.

The financial support from awards and scholarships ensured that she could focus on getting the most from these experiences, including spending a semester in the United Kingdom at Memorial’s Harlow campus.

“Like many other students, I am not from St. John’s and had to move here in order to attend university. The expenses I have incurred to obtain my bachelor of commerce degree go far behind the costs of tuition and books,” she said. “The financial support provided through scholarships and awards allowed me to focus my attention on my studies while giving back to the community and participating in various extracurricular activities. It’s through volunteering, playing sports and so forth that I’ve built a strong personal and professional network in the St. John’s area.”

Memorial’s business faculty handed out $200,000 in awards, bursaries and scholarships to 131 students at the ceremony – funds that are largely the result of investments from private individuals, businesses and organizations. Last week’s reception recognized both successful students as well as those who donate to or have established scholarships.

“We at the Faculty of Business Administration are privileged to have dedicated supporters among our alumni and within the business community,” said Dean Wilfred Zerbe at the ceremony. “We truly could not do this without your support and, on behalf of our faculty members, staff, students and, indeed, other leaders at Memorial University, I thank you. We are grateful that you are so willing to support our students by investing in their education.”

Eleanor Swanson established the Greg Campbell Memorial Business Award and Greg Campbell Memorial Business Scholarship in memory of her late husband. She spoke about the many ways she has been involved with the university and urged students to continue the cycle of giving as they move into the professional world.

“Remember to give back yourselves. I think that students who are business graduates have a tremendous amount to offer the community. There are loads of community boards to be involved in,” she said. “Those kinds of skills that you’ve learned here and you’ve practiced in your work terms are very transferable to being involved, and they’re always looking for people with this kind of background.

“I also encourage you to mentor as well because, now that you’ve graduated, there are always people younger than you are and they always need someone to look up to and be a mentor for them. So donate your time, your talents and when you have some resources, you can donate those too.”

For more information on the awards and scholarships awarded through the Faculty of Business Administration at Memorial University, please click here .

Susan White