PhD General Management Courses

In addition to the courses required for all PhD students, those specializing in general management must also complete:

Plus FOUR graduate courses subject to the approval of the PhD program director and the student’s supervisor.

Course Descriptions

Business 9923 – Foundations in Organizational Theory

This course provides an overview of the historical roots of organizational theory and critically presents theoretical perspectives and research methodology in the design of complex organizations. Major focus is placed on the formulation of research questions and the development of strategies for investigating them.

Business 9927 – Current Issues in Organizational Theory

This course builds on the foundations course in organization theory and examines current and emerging theory and methods in the field of organization theory. In addition to the traditional approaches of functionalism and interpretivism, also included are contemporary perspectives of feminism, critical management, post-structuralism, postmodernism and post-colonialism. The prerequisite for this course is Business 9923 – Foundations in Organization Theory.