Bachelor of Business Administration Structure

To graduate with the BBA, students must successfully complete 120 credit hours (40 courses), as indicated in the University Calendar, with a grade point average (GPA) on those 120 credit hours of at least 2.5 and a numeric average of at least 60%.

The majority of courses for the bachelor of business administration degree can be completed by distance education. The variety of courses available by distance education varies each semester.

As the BBA program is flexible, the following schedule is meant only to act as a guide. This table is especially useful for those looking to complete the degree within four years. Always refer to the University Calendar to confirm course prerequisites.

Pre-Business Courses

Term 1 (Fall) Term 2 (Winter)
Business 1000 Math 1000* or Elective
Math 1090* or Math 1000 Economics 2020
Economics 2010 English 1021 or English 1110
English 1020 or English 1080 Non-Business Elective
Non-Business Elective Non-Business Elective

* Depending on the Math Placement Test, students can complete Math 1000 in the fall and complete an additional elective in the winter semester.

Term 3 (Fall) Term 4 (Winter)
Business 1101 Business 2101
Business 1210 Business 2210
Business 1600 Business 2010
Business 2710 Business 2400
Statistics 2500 Elective
Term 5 (Fall) Term 6 (Winter)
Business 3310 Business 4000
Business 3401 Business 4320
Business 3700 Business 4330
Elective Elective
Elective Elective
Term 7 (Fall) Term 8 (Winter)
Business 4050 Business 7000
Business 4500 Elective
Business 5301 Elective
Elective Elective
Elective Elective
Note: Students cannot complete more than 21 credit hours (seven courses) in business electives.