Bachelor of Business Administration Structure

The bachelor of business administration (BBA) allows for flexibility in a degree program and can be completed in four years of full-time study or over a longer period of part-time study.

The program may be completed on campus, through online education or a combination of both. Course availability through online education varies each semester. The BBA consists of 120 credit hours (40 courses) in both core and elective courses. Students can make use of the bachelor of business administration unofficial audit form (regulations effective September 2010) as a tracking tool for their program. Special attention should be paid to course pre-requisites. Pre-requisites for each course are listed with course descriptions in the University Calendar.

Students should become familiar with the BBA graduation requirements found in the University Calendar to ensure they are met by the time of application to graduate. Note that in addition to course requirements, students must successfully complete the specified 120 credit hours (40 courses) with a grade point average of at least 2.5 and a numeric average of at least 60% in order to graduate.