Bachelor of Commerce Structure

The bachelor of commerce (co-operative) program consists of 135 credit hours (45 courses) and 12 months of work experience (three, four-month paid work terms).

To graduate, students must successfully complete 135 hours over nine academic terms in the co-operative program and are normally required to successfully complete three work terms.

The 135 academic credit hours are distributed as follows: 30 credit hours over the course of Term A/B (initial year at Memorial University) and 15 credit hours (five courses) in each of the Academic Terms 1-7. Students must follow the prescribed schedule as detailed in Table 1 in the University Calendar. Taking courses out of sequence could jeopardize your acceptance and continuance in the program.

In Terms 1-7, students must complete 21 to 36 credit hours in business electives (seven to 12 courses) and 12 to 27 credit hours (four to nine courses) in non-business electives. For a list of business electives, see Table 3 in the University Calendar.

The following unofficial audit form is meant only as a guide. Students should always refer to the University Calendar for the prescribed schedule and other regulations.

Not Successful in a Course?

Students in Terms 1-7 will have to repeat any core courses in which they receive a failing grade.

Students must also successfully complete or repeat an additional elective in which they receive a failing grade.

Due to the program's structure, repeating core and/or elective courses may require that students do so while fulfilling the work term component of their degree. Students in this situation should speak with Denise Hooper, Manager Academic Programs (Undergraduate), or the Office of the Registrar's contact for the Faculty of Business Administration.

Despite being required to repeat a course, students may still meet the promotion requirement from each of Terms 1-7 if the student achieves a passing grade in at least 12 credit hours (four courses) and an overall average of at least 60% in the required courses for each academic term. Please note that courses taken out of sequence or without special permission while on a work term will not be counted towards the degree.

The Office of the Registrar's contact for the Faculty of Business Administration is available to discuss your options if you fall under this category.