Bachelor of Commerce (Co-operative)

Programs-undergrad-bcommThis five-year program is comprised of 135 credit hours (45 courses) and 12 months of work experience (three four-month paid work terms). It’s offered on a full-time basis and follows a structured format.

Our co-op students have filled work term positions in all Canadian provinces and abroad in countries such as Great Britain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland, the United States and Germany.

Program Structure

The bachelor of commerce (co-operative) program consists of 30 credit hours (10 courses) that are completed during Term A/B (the initial year at Memorial University) and 15 credit hours (five courses) in each of the Academic Terms 1-7. Students are also required to complete three work terms. Students should undertake courses in the order specified in Table 1 of the University Calendar.

Taking courses out of sequences could jeopardize acceptance into the program.

Students in Terms 1-7 must complete 21-36 credit hours in business electives (seven to 12 courses) and 12-27 credit hours (four to nine courses) in non-business electives. For a list of business electives, please see Table 3 in the University Calendar.

Work Terms

The Division of Co-operative Education is responsible for helping students with their work terms. Students start the process of finding employment in the academic semester prior to their scheduled work terms. These four-month work terms are paid and include a work report component.

Study Abroad

Bachelor of commerce (co-operative) students can participate in overseas study opportunities during Academic Terms 5, 6 or 7. However, studying abroad during Academic Term 7 will delay convocation until the following fall. Consult Ying Zhang, Manager of International Programs, if you are interested in studying overseas.

Business Concentrations

Students may focus their business electives in a particular area, referred to as concentrations. It is up to each student to decide whether they wish to focus these electives in a particular area. Students may wish to consider focusing in one particular concentration or taking courses from a number of focus areas within business.

A concentration provides a student with the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and understanding in a specific area of business. Particular attention should be paid to the necessary prerequisites when scheduling courses. Keep in mind that students must not complete more than 36 credit hours (12 courses) in business electives as it may affect convocation eligibility (as determined by the Office of the Registrar).

Concentrations are informal and will not appear on your degree or transcript. Students are not required to complete a concentration.

Honours Regulations

Memorial’s bachelor of commerce (co-operative)honours degree signifies superior academic achievement. Candidates must indicate that they wish to be considered for an honours degree on the prescribed Application for Graduation form available through Memorial Self-Service.

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