Engaging Ideas brings research to business community


Prof. Lyle Wetsch was one of three faculty
members to present research to the
business community at Engaging Ideas.

Nov. 20, 2015

Members of the St. John’s business community recently gathered to hear from faculty members at Memorial’s Faculty of Business Administration about their current research projects.

“Engaging Ideas: The Perks and Perils of Digital Communications” was the latest in a series of presentations intended to strengthen ties between researchers at the business faculty and the business community.

“It is important to be able to share the results and implications [of my research] with practitioners,” says Dr. Dianne Ford, associate professor of information systems and organizational behaviour. “I conduct my research with the intention of helping individuals, organizations and society. Events like this make it possible. Also, the questions raised help guide me in my future research as they highlight the relevant and next steps for our learning.”

Dr. Ford offered insights into the growth of virtual workplace aggression and its implications for employers and employees.

Also presenting their work were Prof. Lyle Wetsch on social media and its potential uses for market intelligence, and Dr. Jeff Parsons on improving information quality through user-generated content. Dr. Parsons is a university research professor in information systems and Prof. Wetsch is an associate professor of marketing.

About 20 people representing 12 industry and non-profit organizations registered for the event held on Nov. 16.

Previous Engaging Ideas sessions have explored research into the transportation of hazardous materials, virtual decision-making, supply chain management, healthy workplaces, employee well-being and diversity in the workplace.

Engaging Ideas is intended to raise awareness about the type of research that’s currently underway at the business faculty as well as how this research may help address important challenges faced by the business community. It also aims to encourage businesses and organizations to approach the business faculty with challenges and problems that need solving.

“The Faculty of Business Administration is committed to engaging with the broader community to share the real-world implications of our research as well as partner with the community to develop future research opportunities,” said Dr. Travor Brown, associate dean (research) at the business faculty. “Events like this are an excellent way for these partnerships to occur.”

Susan White