Business PhD student wins best student paper at the International Conference on Conceptual Modelling

 PhD student Roman Lukyanenko

PhD student Roman Lukyanenko

Nov. 26, 2013

A Memorial PhD student has won the best student paper award at an international conference.

Roman Lukyanenko, a fourth-year student in the PhD in management program at the Faculty of Business Administration (FBA), presented the paper entitled “Is traditional conceptual modeling becoming obsolete?” at the International Conference on Conceptual Modelling, Nov. 11-13 in Hong Kong, China. The conference is a leading international forum that brings together experts in information systems, computer science and other related disciplines.

Mr. Lukyanenko says he was interested in presenting at this prestigious conference because it provided “the opportunity to mingle with world-class experts and receive valuable feedback.”

He worked on the co-authored paper with his supervisor, Dr. Jeffrey Parsons, a professor of information systems at the business faculty.

“The increasing ubiquity of open systems characterized by heterogeneous and transient users, customizable features, and open or extensible data standard (for example, social media and crowdsourcing) challenged a number of long-held propositions about conceptual modeling. We raised the question of whether conceptual modelling as commonly understood is an impediment to systems development and should be phased out for certain classes of information systems,” says Mr. Lukyanenko.

While happy and surprised to have won the award, the honour also encourages Mr. Lukyanenko to continue to pursue the work he has been doing. Mr. Lukyanenko says that winning this award is “recognition of the work Jeff Parsons and I have been doing for the past three years. We still have a lot of interesting but unanswered questions to deal with and this kind of recognition gives me additional stamina to begin addressing them.”

“In addition, I believe this kind of recognition is great for our faculty as it demonstrates the calibre of research we do here and the great working environment that exits at the FBA!”

Originally from Russia, Mr. Lukyanenko began the PhD program in 2010. His research focuses on information management, information systems development, knowledge representation and information quality.

Mekaela Gulliver