2005 Competition Success

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Stephanie Hillier and John Whelan
were the winners at the labour arbitration
event of the Inter-Collegiate Business
Competition (ICBC). The team was coached
by Dr. Alex Faseruk and Ms. Heather Skanes.
From left: John Whelan, Heather Skanes,
Dr. Alex Faseruk and Stephanie Hillier.

John Molson International MBA Case Competition
Semi-finalist: George Colbert, Mark Gillingham, Gerard Kenny, Richard Outcault (Spirit Award), Scott Pelley, Bill Warren

Intercollegiate Business Competition (ICBC) – Labour Arbitration
First place: Stephanie Hillier, John Whelan

Network of International Business Schools (NIBS) Case Competition
Third place: Lisa Beck, Stephanie Hillier, Stephen Norris, John Whelan

RMA Credit Case Competition
Finalist: Scott Pelley, Bill Warren

Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship (ACE) National Exhibition – Innovation
First place

Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship (ACE) National Exhibition

Shad Valley RBC Cup
Gold – Marketing

Shad Valley RBC Cup
Bronze – Prototype design

Shad Valley RBC Cup
Bronze – Overall Project

UNB-CIBC Business Plan Competition
First place: Maria Edwards, Sheri Gillingham, Melissa Smallwood, Stephanie Smith

UNB-CIBC Business Plan Competition
MBA – Best Financials: Keith Bailey, Kevin Kelly

Canadian University Investment Challenge
First place: Dave Harnum, Andrew Hicks, Colin Outerbridge