2008 Competition Success

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Members of the SIFE World Cup winning team.

Network of International Business Schools (NIBS) Case Competition (April)
Second place: Samantha Attwood, Erin Gullage, MaryBeth Handrigan, Adam Power

HSBC SIFE Financial Education Challenge
First place: Preston Aitken, Duncan De Young, Liam Kelly, Dana Noseworthy, Lauren Tobin

Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship (ACE) National Exhibition (May)
Stronach Cup – Most Enterprising Campus in Canada: Heather Comerford, Sarah Fisher, Michael Harris, Haroon Iqbal, Lisa Smart, Michael Wadden

SIFE World Cup (October)
First place: Preston Aitken, Amanda Coish, Johnathon Earle, Sarah Fisher, Adam Fitzpatrick, Ryan Gosse, MaryBeth Handrigan, Mike Harris, Adam Hiscock, Ryan Hopkins, Nick Hounsell, Haroon Iqbal, Liam Kelly (alternate), Dana Noseworthy, Arlene O’Keefe, Will Penney, Jessica Penton, Lisa Smart, Lauren Tobin, Mike Wadden, Heidi Williams

Dalhousie Business Ethics Case Competition (November)
Third place: Samantha Attwood, Erin Gullage, Katie Mercer, Amy Pollard, Jacob White