All business courses offered at Memorial University begin with the four letter code BUSI. The numerical code after BUSI will typically indicate the course’s study level (i.e. a course beginning with BUSI 1XXX is taught at a lower academic level than a course beginning with BUSI 5XXX).

Undergraduate/bachelor level courses are those listed from BUSI 1000-BUSI 7999. Courses better suited to students completing graduate/masters level programs have the codes BUSI 8000+.

The maximum course load is five courses (15 credit hours).Business exchange students must take at least 50% of their courses from the Faculty of Business Administration (i.e. three out of five courses).

Please note:

  • Five MUN courses (i.e. full course load) = 30 ECTS
  • Three MUN credits (i.e. one course) = 6 ECTS