Accomodations at Memorial University


It’s important to find suitable accommodations in order to ease your transition to life in St. John’s and at Memorial. 

On-campus accommodations are recommended for students in international partnership degree programs as they are close to all faculties and facilities. On-campus accommodations are also under the protection of the Campus Enforcement and are generally considered a safe living and learning environment.

One of the best options for international students is Burton's Pond Apartments, which consists of four apartment-style residences. Each apartment is furnished and comes with four bedrooms and shared sitting room/dining room, kitchen and bathroom. It is also covered by Memorial's wireless network.

Off-campus accommodations may be a good alternative for some students. When looking for an apartment, please take into consideration the location, expenses such as rent, cable, internet, telephone and power, and roommates.

For more information about accommodations, click here or contact the International Programs Office.