International Partnership Degrees


In today’s global business environment, there is an increasing need for a new type of business professional – one who understands global business markets, who is experienced in a variety of global business practices, who understands the importance of cultural differences and who speaks multiple languages.

International partnership degree programs at Memorial University are designed to produce just this type of professional. Over 300 students have entered our programs since 2006, and with a success rate of nearly 100%, our graduates are now capable, qualified and enthusiastic business leaders who enjoy successful careers across the world.

International partnership degrees offer an alternative to a traditional, direct-entry business degree. Students at our partner institutions, who meet admission standards including Memorial’s English language requirement, may complete a degree in global business by studying for two years at their home institutions and a further two years at Memorial University.

Partnerships are already established with leading universities in China and the Republic of Korea.


Depending on the agreement, students from some dual-degree program partners will be awarded a business degree from their home university as well as a business degree from Memorial. Students must meet Memorial’s English language requirement to be eligible. For other admission requirements, click here.

Republic of Korea

This dual-degree partnership program allows students, who have met Memorial’s English language requirement, to complete a business degree at Memorial after two years of further study. Students will also be awarded a business degree from their home university if they meet the degree requirements of that institution.