Working in Canada

Working on- or off-campus while studying at Memorial can be a very rewarding experience. International students bring diverse backgrounds, skills and languages to employers and have the opportunity to meet new people while gaining valuable work experience.

Memorial University and the Faculty of Business Administration provide some on-campus job opportunities for international students such as teaching and research assistants. Work permits are not needed to work on campus.

After six months of studying at Memorial, students in international partnership degree programs may apply for an off-campus work permit. Off-campus work is a great opportunity to get to know local businesses and communities.

All job opportunities, whether on campus or off-campus, are very competitive. Students are encouraged to take advantage of on-campus services to learn about resume writing and interview skills to assist in their job search.

International students may apply for a post-graduate work permit once they receive an undergraduate degree (usually after two years of study). It’s not necessary to be employed before applying. This work permit removes barriers to employment and helps international students to find a full-time job in Canada.

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