Our Unique Advantage


An education at the Faculty of Business Administration goes beyond simply studying at a school.

The teaching and learning opportunities offered will take you outside of the classroom, beyond the borders of our province, and into a global community of business leaders.

In 1981, Memorial University's former School of Business Administration and Commerce was granted faculty status, reflecting the growth and diversity of our academic programs. We had taken giant leaps since opening our doors with one undergraduate degree in 1954. Now, we offer four undergraduate degrees, four graduate degrees and a diploma.

In addition, our focus on global preparedness has led to innovative partnerships in countries in Europe and Asia as well as Australia, New Zealand and Chile to offer exchanges and international partnership degree programs. We're connected to the global financial community through the White Trading Lab, and our researchers have a broad interest in the challenges and issues facing the business communities of this province and indeed, the world.

In addition to simply passing on knowledge in a classroom, our teaching environment offers international reach, local relevance and helps prepare you for global success.

At the Faculty of Business Administration, you begin as a student but become a leader!