Off-Campus Accommodations

The Off-Campus Housing Office (OCH) at Memorial University provides services to students who prefer to live off-campus and commute to school. These services include rental listings, information about St. John’s and off-campus housing co-ordinators.

Housing Options

There are a variety of off-campus housing options to consider including subletting, moving into a house with other students who have vacant rooms, or finding a furnished house or apartment without a long-term lease.

Housing near the university can range between $600-2,000, depending on the size, number of rooms and amenities included. Factors to consider when looking for a place to live include location, proximity to bus routes, and expenses such as rent, cable, Internet, telephone and power. Sharing accommodations is often most economical for students.

Scam Warning

Some students choose to book off-campus accommodations online prior to arrival. If you intend to do this, it is recommended that you consider accommodations that have been viewed and approved by Memorial University's staff. Such sources are listed on Memorial's Off-Campus Housing Office website and through the International Student Advising Office (ISA).

If you decide to rent accommodations online before you arrive, please beware of scams. You can usually tell if housing ads are fake if they are written in poor English or have a lot of unnecessary punctuation and spelling mistakes. For rental scam warnings and information on how to avoid being a victim of a rental scam, please click here.

Temporary Accommodations

Another option is to book temporary accommodations (such as a room at a hotel or hostel) and look for housing upon arrival in St. John's. Booking temporary accommodations will allow you to inspect potential apartments, meet the landlord and find a location that fits your budget and needs prior to making a financial commitment.

Please allow sufficient time to search for off-campus accommodations. Previous students have typically arrived between three to seven days prior to the first day of classes.