Student Clubs & Volunteer Opportunities

We encourage our students to take part in the many student clubs, activities and volunteer opportunities that are available from the Faculty of Business Administration and Memorial University.

Below you will find a list of student clubs and volunteer opportunities that may be of interest to business students.

If you are a member of a club or activity that is not listed here but you feel it should be, email

Business Administration Undergraduate Student Society (BAUSS)

The BAUSS connects and engages students in the bachelor of business administration (BBA) and international bachelor of business administration (iBBA) programs in meetings, events and professional development opportunities at the Faculty of Business Administration. For more information, join the Facebook group or follow the Instagram account at @munbusinesssociety.

Business Day

The graduating commerce class hosts Business Day, a one-day annual conference that gives students, faculty members and local business people the opportunity to hear local and national professionals speak on topics related to a business theme selected by the organizing committee. The Business Day conference is open to all members of the business community, alumni, faculty members and staff of the Faculty of Business Administration. For more information, call 709.864.8519.

Edge Capital

Edge Capital is an interactive club at Memorial University, the purpose of which is to help students further their understanding of real-world finance. Edge’s foundation is grounded from two core principles: to educate students and to bridge the gap between Memorial University students and the finance industry. To learn more about Edge Capital, visit

Enactus Memorial

Enactus Memorial is a non-profit international network of students that promotes entrepreneurship. Enactus helps students learn important business-related skills while gaining contacts in the business community.

International Business Club

Offering a platform that facilitates networking and connections between business students all over the world, the international business club offers seminars, networking opportunities and events focused on topics related to international business. For more information, contact faculty advisor Dr. Chansoo Park.

MBA Students’ Association (MBASA)

The MUN MBA Students’ Association (MBASA) is a student-run group made up of MBA students. The MBASA aims to represent all MBA students, provide a social, educational, and cultural environment, and foster contact and communication amongst our peers. All students are welcomed and encouraged to get involved with the MBASA. If you would like to be a part of this great team or if you have any questions please feel free to contact the executive at

Join our Facebook page to get updates on events.

If you are interested in taking a look at the association’s constitution, you can view it here.

MUNMA (MUN Marketing Association)

MUNMA is a student group at Memorial University that aims to bring together students with a desire to learn about and gain experience from the worlds of marketing and business. More information can be found on Facebook or by emailing


For more information, call 709.864.4755 or 709.864.8519.