Graduate Exchanges: Application Process

Exchanges offer exciting opportunities!
Exchanges offer exciting opportunities!


The deadline to apply for the Fall 2018 semester is Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018 at 4:00pm. Completed applications can be brought to BN-2027.

Late applications received throughout the year may be considered depending on availability and partner school deadlines.

Exchange Information Session

An exchange information session is typically held in the second week of the fall and winter semesters for business students interested in studying abroad. Application information and tips will be provided at this session.

Who can go on an exchange?

International exchanges through the Faculty of Business Administration are open to students in the master of business administration (MBA) program. To be eligible, MBA students are required to have completed 50% of their program by the time they participate in an exchange. Exemptions count towards these 10 courses.

When do students go on an exchange?

Exchanges normally take place in the fall semester, but some exchanges are also possible in the winter and summer semesters.

How are students selected?

1) Academic Performance: Graduate students must demonstrate a 70% weighted average (40% cumulative undergraduate average plus 60% cumulative graduate average).

2) Demonstrated Interest: Students are required to provide a detailed description of why they have selected a particular exchange location. This should include written summaries of the country, school, courses, and preparation for exchange.

Students should include any interest in international issues such as active membership in international organizations, participation in the MUN Mentors Program, enrolment in courses with an international focus (foreign language, geography, political science, etc.) and previous travel experience in their applications.

All applications must include an up-to-date official transcript and resume. No cover letter is required.

Can students apply once the deadline has passed?

Late applications will automatically be wait-listed and will be considered only if exchange positions remain. These will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Are scholarships available for exchange students?

Please visit the School of Graduate Studies website to investigate possible scholarship opportunities.

How do I know if I have been accepted for an exchange?

Students are notified of the results by e-mail within two weeks of the stated application deadline.

What happens once I have been accepted for an exchange?

Obtain a letter of acceptance form from the International Programs Office (IPO) located at BN-2027. This must be signed and returned to the IPO no later than one week after students are notified of their acceptance.

At this time students must submit a $250 deposit payable to Memorial University of Newfoundland. The deposit can be paid by cash, cheque or credit card at the Cashier’s Office (A-1023). Students must then bring a copy of the receipt back to the IPO office. Upon completion of the exchange and the mandatory exchange debrief, students will be reimbursed the full amount of $250.

Once an exchange position has been accepted and the $250 deposit paid, students who decide not to participate in the exchange will forfeit their deposit.