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In keeping with Memorial University’s directives regarding the ongoing pandemic response to COVID-19, all of our courses are currently being offered remotely for the Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 semesters. There is no in-class delivery.

We are working hard to ensure that your experience with remote learning will be dynamic and engaging. Our instructors are well prepared and well supported to help you achieve your learning goals. Although we are not able to be together in a classroom, all of our students and instructors are part of the close-knit MUNBusiness community. We will be here for our students every step of the way.

Types of course delivery

Your classes will be remote in one of three ways:

1. Online

  • Appears as “World Wide Web” on Memorial Self-Service.
  • Designated with 081, 082 or 083 section number.
  • These courses have been developed with the intention for fully online delivery. All class activities will take place in an online environment.

2. Synchronous (remote)

  • Appears as “Lecture” on Memorial Self-Service.
  • Regularly scheduled lecture times as indicated on Memorial Self-Service.
  • Lecture times to follow Newfoundland Standard Time (NST), unless otherwise noted by course instructor.

3. Asynchronous (remote)

  • Appears as “Lecture” on Memorial Self-Service.
  • Designated with “R” in the section number.
  • A blended learning option with some scheduled lecture times as indicated by course instructor and some coursework that requires student-led or independent study. Lecture times follow Newfoundland Standard Time (NST), unless otherwise noted by course instructor.
Registration tips
  • Look carefully at every course for specific instructions. Our courses have a unique “R” designation for some of our courses.
  • Keep your schedule in mind. Do not register for courses if there is a timetable clash or if you have other commitments during an assigned remote class time.
  • Choose courses and schedules that will work best for you and meet your program requirements.

Online courses


Online course delivery is fully online and has no real-time scheduled lectures. Students will be presented all relevant information by the instructor and the students will be able to view this information at their own liberty.

There are three distinct factors that indicate fully online delivery.

  1. Campus is listed as online.
  2. The time will be listed as 12-12:01 a.m.
  3. Under “Sec,” courses are denoted as 081, 082 or 083.

Synchronous courses


Synchronous courses are real-time lectures presented remotely by the course instructor. Students need to be available during the assigned class time for the duration of the term. For example, for the class indicated in the above image, students need to be available from 9-10:15 a.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays for the duration of the academic term.

Three factors signify synchronous course delivery:

  1. Campus is listed as St. John’s.
  2. Under “Sec,” courses are denoted as 001-056.
  3. Under “Comments,” it states “Delivered remotely.”

Asynchronous courses


Asynchronous courses offer a blended learning option that combines real-time learning with other course materials presented as necessary by the instructor. For example, students may need to be available periodically during the assigned class time but not each lecture date throughout the term. The above image indicates that students will need to be periodically available from 10:30-11:45 a.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Students will be informed as soon as possible about schedule obligations by their instructors. Typically this will be done through course outlines or posts in the course BrightSpace shell.

Three factors signify asynchronous course delivery:

  1. Campus is listed as St. John’s.
  2. Under “Sec,” the course is denoted with “R.”
  3. Under “Comments,” it states, “Class will not meet at all scheduled meeting times – instructor to provide details. Delivered remotely.”
Recommended minimum technology

Experience with computers

  • Basic level of comfort using a personal computer (file management, word processing, and printing)
  • Experience using modern web browsers such as Edge, Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome

It is recommended that you have access to a desktop computer or laptop with the following specifications:

  • PC or Mac or Chromebook with a recent and actively supported operating system (e.g.: Windows 10, macOS 10.13+, ChromeOS) able to run modern web tools.
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Free hard drive space to adequately run software and work on course files
  • Speakers or headset for listening to audio/video or participating in synchronous sessions
  • Microphone and webcam (headset with microphone preferred) for participating in synchronous sessions


  • Full color monitor

Web browser

Internet connection

  • Regular access to high speed internet access (e.g. DSL, Cable, Fibre) with an upload and download speed of at least 3Mbps

If you need assistance, please email buslab@mun.ca.

Textbooks and Learning Resources

Undergraduate courses: Winter 2021

Course SectionTextbookISBN
1000   081Ebert’s Business Essentials9780135255797
1101 081Financial Accounting9781119614197
1101082Financial Accounting9781119614197
1210 081-082Principles of Marketing9780176854805
2010 081-084Business Communication NOW9781259269240
2101  081Cornerstones of Managerial Accounting9780176721237
2101 082Managerial Accounting97801354435583
2101083Cornerstones of Managerial Accounting9780176721237
2710 001-002Fundamentals of Business9783662565087
3210 001Influence9780061241895
3310  081-082Understanding & Managing Life at Work9780135258996
3401  081Operations Management9781259270154
3700  081-082Experiencing MIS9780136534907
4000  081Canadian Business and the Law9780176908089
4000 082Canadian Business and the Law9780176908089
4050081(1) Strategic Management: A Dynamic Perspective 

(2) Canadian Business and Society
(1) 9781269929769

(2) 9781259946219
4320 081-082Human Resource Management in Canada978-0-13-4791326
4330 081Industrial Relations in Canada9780176892074
4330 R01Industrial Relations in Canada
(tophat version)
4500 081Fundamentals of Corporate Finance9781259654756
4500082Fundamentals of Corporate Finance9781259654756
5160   081Cost Accouting: A Managerial Emphasis (8th Canadian book or
looseleaf version)
5217  R01SELL- Mindtap Platform9780176916077
5301  081Organization Design & Theory9780176694562
5302 R01International Business9781260262582
5500 081Fundamentals of Corporate Finance9781259654756
6100 081Intermediate Accounting9781119496540
6110 081Intermediate Accounting II or
Kieso Intermediate Accounting
6120 081Canadian Income Taxation Planning & Decision Making 2020/2021Connect with e-book orconnect + print text98781260339567
6130 081Auditing – 4th Canadian Edition or
Auditing – 4th Loose leaf
6410 081Contemporary Logistics9780134519258
6510  R56Investments9781259271939
7000 082Strategic Analysis & Action9780134321370
7005  R01Transnational Management9781108422437
7120R01Modern Advanced Accounting
(9th edition with connect access or
Modern Advanced Accounting
(9th edition with e-book)
7160   056Cost Accounting: A Managerial Emphasis – 8th Canadian Edition9780134824680
7310 081Canadian Human Resource Management1259654923
7315  R57Managing Performance through
Training and Development
7320 081Labour Arbitration in Canada &
Labour Arbitrations and all that
978-0-920450-66-6 &
7322 081Labour and Employment Law (9th edition – Cases Material & Commentary)9781552214862
7410  081Project Management: The Management Process9781260238860
7500 R01Advanced Finance either or BUSI 4500 or 5500 textbook required.

Additional resources

The Centre for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL) provides a Semester Startup Guide and Technical Resources Guide to help students prepare for remote coursework. CITL staff are available to assist you through the Support Centre during select office hours, seven days a week.

MUNUp is an online tools and resources hub to help students succeed while learning remotely.


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