MBA-SEE Program Structure

The 12-month, full-time MBA-SEE program in beautiful and resourceful St. John’s, NL, is designed to prepare business leaders who can tackle a rapidly changing business environment that includes social and environmental challenges.

Every course will help our students develop a keen understanding of the strategic context of social enterprise and social entrepreneurship. With every MBA-SEE student taking all of the same courses at the same time, our students have a shared experience in:

  • Acquiring core business knowledge.
  • Learning about the social, environmental and economic challenges facing a rapidly changing business environment.
  • Learning about policy for social and sustainable enterprises.
  • Learning how to identify and develop opportunities to create social, environmental and economic value.
  • Becoming equipped to be ethical and responsible decision-makers.
  • Applying appropriate analytic frameworks to solve problems in businesses and other organizations.
  • Using appropriate technologies to gather and analyze data relevant to managerial decision-making.
  • Demonstrating written and oral communication skills that present information to support managerial decision-making.
  • Learning to apply knowledge in both familiar and unfamiliar circumstances using conceptual understanding of relevant disciplines.
  • Learning how to thoroughly analyze business situations and make integrated business decisions.
  • Developing teamwork skills to enhance team performance and later, motivate others to achieve organizational goals.

All students must complete:

  • One week orientation
  • Two academic semesters (on campus only)
  • Four-month internship

Students will be required to return to campus after their four-month internship to summarize the learning outcomes of their respective internship and to present their reflections papers.

All MBA-SEE students are required to complete 36 credit-hours as specified below* in order to successfully complete the program.

Fall Semester (16 credit-hours)

Winter Semester (16 credit-hours)

Spring/Summer (4 credit-hours)

*Individual courses in this program may be offered in an accelerated format within the semester.

Students are also expected to participate in program-related experiential learning opportunities. The MBA-SEE requires the successful completion of a four-month internship which may include successful completion of a new venture incubation.

Our innovative curriculum content and delivery, inspirational faculty and mentors, and unique experiences and enriched experiential learning opportunities combine to ensure exposure to key business functions without a loss of focus on the pillars of people, planet, and profits.


Faculty of Business Administration

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