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John Schouten


Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in Social Enterprise, Professor,


Entrepreneurship, Marketing,

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Ph: 709.864.7987
Em: jwschouten@mun.ca
Office: BN-4020
Personal Profile

John W. Schouten is a professor of social enterprise at Memorial University. He specializes in studies of consumer culture and market dynamics using ethnography and other qualitative methods. His past work spans areas of consumer identity, consumption communities, market emergence, alternative research methodologies, and environmental sustainability and human wellbeing. He now devotes his attention to understanding and facilitating social enterprise from these perspectives.

Dr. Schouten’s research appears in marketing journals including Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing, Consumption Markets & Culture, and Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. He is co-author of the book Sustainable Marketing. He has authored two novels – Notes from the Lightning God and The Fine Art of Self-Arrest – and has published short fiction and poetry in various journals, magazines and anthologies.


Selected Publications

  • Martin, D. & Schouten, J. (2012), Sustainable Marketing, New York: Pearson Prentice Hall.
  • Gloukhovtsev, A., Schouten, J. & Mattila, P. (2018), “Toward a General Theory of Regulatory Arbitrage – A Marketing Systems Perspective,” Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, forthcoming.
  • Gollnhofer, J. & Schouten, J. (2017), “Complementing the Dominant Social Paradigm with Sustainability,” Journal of Macromarketing, 0276146717696892.
  • Seregina, A. &. Schouten, J. (2017), “Resolving Identity Ambiguity through Transcending Fandom,” Consumption Markets & Culture, 20 (2), 107-30.
  • Hietanen, J., Mattila, P., Schouten, J., Sihvonen, A., & Toyoki, S. (2016), “Reimagining Society Through Retail Practice,” Journal of Retailing, 92, 4 (December) 411-25.
  • Walther, L., & Schouten, J. (2016), "Next stop, Pleasure Town: Identity transformation and women's erotic consumption" Journal of Business Research, 69, 1, 273-283.
  • McAlexander, J., DuFault, B., Martin, D. & Schouten, J. (2014), “The Marketization of Religion: Field, Capital, and Consumer Identity,” Journal of Consumer Research, 41 (October), 858-75.
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  • Schouten, John W. (1991), “Selves in Transition: Symbolic Consumption in Personal Rites of Passage and Identity Reconstruction,” Journal of Consumer Research, 17 (March), 412-426.


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