Highlight: Dr.Wieslaw Kubiak

Dr-Wieslaw-KubiakDr. Wieslaw Kubiak’s paper, Shared processor scheduling, provides a close look at quick response industries, such as high-tech manufacturing, engineering services and big-data processing, which are characterized by volatile demand and inflexible capacities.

In order to gain competitive advantage by completing orders faster, companies in such industries supplement their private capacity by adapting extended enterprises to include subcontractors with their own capacity. The subcontractors’ capacity is often shared by competing companies, which creates tensions and causes difficult to control bottlenecks.

Dr. Kubiak’s study examines the key features of optimal solutions to these challenges. The features hold, regardless of whether the companies use a single subcontractor or multiple subcontractors working simultaneously on their orders.

However, Dr. Kubiak shows that these features don’t guarantee efficient optimality since the optimization is likely computationally intractable. The paper thus introduces a novel technique that helps the companies to determine which fraction of their orders and when to carry out using their private capacity, and which fraction to subcontract and to whom. This technique provides the best guaranteed approximations to date.

The paper was published in a special volume of Journal of Scheduling devoted to the workshop held at the Centre Paul-Langevin of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) in Aussois, France. It is part of a larger research project on extended enterprises and supply chains.


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