Bachelor of Commerce (Co-operative) Structure

The B.Comm.(Co-op.) is a five-year, full-time, structured program. The program consists of 135 specified credit hours (45 courses) over nine academic terms, in addition to three work terms, equating to 12 months of work experience.






Terms A/B


Academic Term 1

Academic Term 2


Academic Term 3

Work Term 1

Academic Term 4


Work Term 2

Academic Term 5

Work Term 3


Academic Term 6

Academic Term 7


Students pursuing the B.Comm.(Co-op.) will normally take the following courses in first year:

Term A/Fall Semester

Term B/Winter Semester

Math 1090 or 1000*

Math 1000* or non-business elective

Economics 1010**

Economics 1020**

English 1090 (or 1020)

English 1110 (or 1021)

Business 1000***

Non-business elective

Non-business elective

Non-business elective

*Students who complete Mathematics 1000 in the fall semester will complete a non-business elective in the winter semester.

**These courses may be taken in any order in either semester.

***Business 1000 may be taken in either semester.

Students in Terms A/B will be considered for promotion to Term 1 at the end of the winter semester of their first year. To be promoted to Term 1, Terms A/B students must have successfully completed the 30 credit hours of the curriculum, with an overall average of at least 65%. Students who do not satisfy these requirements will be required to withdraw from the program and will not be promoted to Term 1.

For promotion from each of Terms 1 through 7, the requirements are the achievement of a passing grade in at least 12 credit hours and an overall average of at least 60% in those courses required in each academic term. Students must also achieve a pass or pass with distinction on all three work terms.

B.Comm.(Co-op.) students may choose to focus their business electives in one of the following areas*:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Human resources and labour relations
  • Information systems
  • International business
  • Marketing
  • Operational research
  • Resource-based industries management
  • Small business and entrepreneurship
  • Supply chain management

*Not required. Concentrations are informal and do not need to be declared.

The B.Comm.(Co-op.) may be customized further by pursuing a minor from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Science or School of Music. Certificates from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences may also be completed as an added credential.

The bachelor of commerce (co-operative) (B.Comm. (Co-op.) program worksheet can serve as a tracking and planning tool for the program. It's recommended that students become familiar with the graduation requirements found in the University Calendar to ensure they are met by the time of applying to graduate.


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