Undergraduate Programs Frequently Asked Questions

The deadline to apply for the upcoming semester has passed. Can I still submit an application?

To ensure your application is considered for admission, applications should be submitted on or before application deadlines. Late applications may be reviewed where time and resources permit.

I’m a new student at Memorial. How can I find out more about the university and St. John’s?

More information on our university, city and province can be found here and here.

I’m not a business student. Can I register for business courses?

At the beginning of the registration period for the upcoming term, spaces in business courses are reserved for students enrolled in undergraduate business programs. When reserves are then lifted, Memorial students in other programs may register if prerequisites have been met and space is available. See relevant dates as listed by the Registrar’s Office.

I’m studying at another post-secondary institution. Does Memorial’s Faculty of Business Administration have any transfer agreements?

Students at other post-secondary institutions who wish to transfer to Memorial may apply to the university as transfer students. Courses taken at other post-secondary institutions are individually evaluated by the Office of the Registrar. Questions about receiving credit for courses taken at other post-secondary institutions may be directed to transfer.credit@mun.ca. The University Calendar offers additional information on the awarding of transfer credit.

A class I am trying to register for is full. Can I be signed in by a professor?

We do not over-subscribe business courses or sign students into classes. Professors are unable to facilitate this process.

How do I get notified about scholarships, upcoming events and work and volunteer opportunities specific to the faculty?

The Undergraduate Programs Office sends regular communication to business students through the undergraduate email listserv. If you are not already receiving emails from the office, email busihelp@mun.ca with your request to be added to the listserv. Be sure to include your name, student number and program of study. You may also follow our social media channels for information about what's happening at the faculty.

I have general questions about registration, enrolment, admissions and graduation. Where do I go?

Visit the Registrar’s Office FAQ page.

I’m interested in studying abroad as a Memorial business student. Where can I get more information?

Visit the faculty’s international page.

All Undergraduate Programs

What are the continuation and graduation requirements?

*General continuance requirements for the university are found in the University Calendar (applicable to BBA).

I’m a BBA or iBBA student. Can I still complete a concentration in my program?

BBA and iBBA students may complete the courses for an informal concentration if they wish. BBA students may complete a maximum of 21 credit hours (seven courses) in business electives. Most business courses outside the core of the iBBA are used as free electives. iBBA students should consult with the Undergraduate Programs Office for advice.

Students should note that certain concentrations may require them to take additional courses beyond those required for the degree.

Bachelor of Commerce (Co-operative)

What is the structure of the B. Comm.(Co-op.) program?

See B.Comm.(Co-op.) structure page.

Is admission to the B.Comm.(Co-op.) program competitive?

There are a limited number of seats and admission is competitive. Meeting minimum admission requirements does not guarantee applicants a seat in the program. See more further information here.

I’m a student in the B.Comm.(Co-op.) program and have been unsuccessful in a course. What happens now?

Students who meet the academic promotion requirements but who fail a core course in any of Terms 1 through 7 will be required to successfully repeat that course prior to graduation. Students who meet the promotion requirements but who fail an elective in any of Terms 1 through 7 will be required to either successfully repeat that elective or successfully complete an additional elective to replace it prior to graduation.

Do the required courses for the B.Comm.(Co-op.) have to be completed at Memorial?

This program follows a rigid structure where current students must complete required courses at this university. Students must complete courses in academic terms or "blocks" in the prescribed sequence, order and course load as set out in the University Calendar. Exceptions to this prescribed program, including specified course load, must have the prior approval of the faculty's Committee on Undergraduate Studies.

Can I take a required course or business elective online if I am in the commerce program?

Online business courses are reserved for business students outside the B.Comm.(Co-op.) program. Students in the B.Comm.(Co-op.) program will be automatically waitlisted if they attempt to register for online business courses. Commerce students are advised to register for on-campus courses to ensure their spot in the course.

Can I apply into the B.Comm.(Co-op.) program at any time?

See B.Comm.(Co-op.) admission page.


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